Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TicketsBuy: Comparison ticket shopping

One thing many people love is going out to a show or sporting event. I have one friend who’s so into them that she owns a pair of those old style theater binoculars in the event she doesn’t get very good seats. She brags about seeing (the same play) in various towns. Or then there’s always the discussion of who played the Phantom, or whether this Christine DaaĆ© was as good as the last one. These musical aficionados enjoy knowing everything there is to discover about the performances.
Of course they’re also familiar with another aspect of the theater attendance- ticket prices. The cost of going to a show can be fairly expensive. To those that haven’t inherited vast sums of money from a distant uncle, it can be a large ticket item in one’s budget. Rather than foregoing attendance to these cultural events, now there’s a way to make sure you get the best ticket price possible. TicketsBuy is a comparison shopping site for events throughout the entertainment and sporting industry. With it you can ensure you’re buying cheapest tickets prices available.

TicketsBuy Home

At its core, TicketsBuy is a meta search engine. It gathers data about events from the organizations commissioned to sell tickets for them. It then returns the results in an easy to read list accompanied by a map of the available seating. The entries are designated by section, row, and provider. It also lists the price per seat. By clicking on the entry it brings up the exact reason why it’s beneficial to use TicketsBuy to find tickets for upcoming events. It shows you the bottom line. That is, it shows you the price offered by the various ticket distributors. These vendors include TicketsNow, TicketNetwork, and VividSeats. There’s also the Direct-to-Sellers option which sells them via their network which is often the cheapest option.
The search tool, which is on the home page, can be used to search by zip code, venue, or event. So if you’re looking for ideas then you can type in the location of where you’re looking. This would be particularly helpful if you’re planning a vacation somewhere and would like see what shows are coming up at that time. In other cases you may know the venue, such as if you know you’d like to watch the San Francisco Giants play at AT&T park, you can type that in. Searching on event is helpful if you heard that your favorite musician is coming to town and you just want to know where they’re playing.
Once you find the event you’re interested it brings up the aforementioned results page. It has a series of filters you can use to hone in on exactly the seats you’re interested in. You can filter on Quantity of adjacent seats, minimum and maximum value of ticket prices, and ticket sources. Let’s say you prefer purchasing tickets from a particular vendor. You can search on those tickets first to see what’s available. It’s easy to adjust the filter later once you find the seats you’re looking for so you can browse through the other vendors. There’s also the exact seats option. Many events are sold only by section and row, but if you’d like to only view seating where you can be sure of the seat number, you can filter based upon this.

TicketsBuy Seating

Let’s say you’re researching a show and have a number of seats that seem good. For this, TicketsBuy has a favorites mechanism. Just click on the star and it’s added to your favorites. Once you’ve selected all the tickets you might be interested in, click on the favorites tab. Here they’ll all be listed so you make a final decision. All favorites are handled internally so there are no accounts to register for.
TicketsBuy is a great way to get tickets. Be them sporting events, concert tickets, plays, or musicals, it helps you ensure you’re getting the best price possible. The easy to use search engine along with readily sorted tickets allows you to quickly find the tickets you want. With TicketsBuy, you can go to the same event, for less.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

TicketsBuy Launches Event Tickets Comparison Engine.

Purchasing  live entertainments has become a complete and total drag? Whether you want to attend a sport event, a concert or even go to the theater. Then check out this site that might turn out to be of your interest. TicketsBuy.com is an online search engine for live event tickets, based  in San Francisco CA. TicketsBuy  provides the most comprehensive, accurate, fast and easy-to-use resource for fans to find the tickets they desire to sports, concerts, and theatre events.  TicketsBuy aggregates event-level ticket data from dozens of event ticket providers and helps concert, theatre and sports fans search among millions of tickets to find exactly the event tickets they desire. TicketsBuy  does not sell tickets directly to its end-users. Instead, it aggregates event-level ticket data from ticket providers, presents that data in response to user searches and directs users to third-party ticket providers for purchase. You can look for sports events by the type of sport or also by region, and you can look for a theater event by type (cirque, comedy, musical) or by region.  TicketsBuy  search engine combines results from ticket issuers and various providers in the ticket resale  industry including ticket resale marketplaces such as RazorGator, SeatQuest, TicketNetwork and TicketsNow as well as ticket brokers including Ace Ticket, AllShows.com, Barry's Tickets, Gold Coast Tickets and over 100 more independent Ticket Vendors .

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Family cruise vacations never been cheaper

Cruises are some people’s idea of vacation heaven. Spending a week or more on a floating hotel can be very enjoyable, but unless you plan your cruise and book it well in advance, you might end up paying far more than the couple staying in the adjacent cabin.
 The best way to ensure you secure the best available deal for your luxury cruise ship vacation, whether you fancy sailing around the Caribbean or through the Norwegian Fjords, is to do a cruise comparison via the Internet. Use a site AsianAirfares.com to check out the best available prices from all the top cruise operators.

 There is no point in spending every last penny on an expensive cruise vacation if you cannot afford to take some extra cash with you—that would be no fun at all. So compare cruise vacation prices online and book the best deal you can find!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Rental Car Companies Offer Special Deals

Are you looking for a hire car for your next vacation or business trip?
If the answer is yes, are you planning to book one when you land at your
This method might seem the obvious way of booking a hire car, but it can
very often cost you a great deal more money. Hire car companies charge
higher prices to customers who walk in to the car rental office straight
from the airport. You are a sitting target: you need a car and they can
charge what they like.
The best way to book car rental is to compare prices well in advance. Use
  Car Rentals Comparisons to do a car
rental comparison before you book. See what is on offer from all of the top
car rental agencies. From small family cars to large luxury convertibles, do
not pay more than you have to: compare and book online for the best
available deals!

Best Rates Airfare Fares with AirfaresCompares.com

Unless you are willing to drive for days at a time, the only way to
travel long distance is by jumping on a plane, but if you are short of cash,
how can you ensure you find the best flight deals available at the current
The answer is to use a travel comparison site on the internet. One great

example is Airfares Compare website. All you need to do is input your search
criteria and wait for the results to come back in an instant. Instead of
paying silly prices for flights to locations all over the world, utilize the
power of the internet to do the hard work and let it find the best flights
deals available. Save valuable time and money by comparing deals from all
the top airlines.
Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, you will enjoy it a whole
lot more if you paid a whole lot less for the privilege!

Search for Hotel Deals on Special

No matter what kind of hotel you are looking for, there will be one to
suit your requirements somewhere in the world. You might fancy the decadence
of a 7* luxury penthouse suite in Dubai, or the relaxation of a beachfront
resort hotel in Mexico, but whatever fits your idea of the perfect vacation,
you can use the
www.asianairfares.com website to search for the best prices and compare the
current deals on offer.
Hotels all over the world have spare rooms available at any given time.
Empty rooms can equal a loss in revenue, but their loss can often be your
gain. If you are willing to wait until the last minute, you can do a price
comparison and go looking for rooms in luxury upmarket hotels on offer for a
ridiculously cheap price.
Make the Internet work for you—use it to help you have the best vacation

Sunday, December 12, 2010

New redesign Asian Airfares Blog

Asian Airfares Group new redesign blog and latest specials on
top daily special deals




car rentals

AsianAirfares.com is a Global online travel Meta Search Portal designed to save time and money. Visitors to AsianAirfares.com can search and compare Securely 24/7 for the best possible deals on Airline Tickets , Hotel Rooms , Vacation Packages , Car Rentals , travel Activities and fun Travel Videos , Travelers can compare from over 500,000 hotels and resorts worldwide through our partners , all leading rental car companies, all major cruise lines and hundreds of traditional and low-budget airlines.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Compare Flights with Flight-Cheap.com

Flight-Cheap.com was officially launched today with an exclusive tool that compares prices from multiple flight comparison sites, performing a so called "Meta-Meta search". The new site compares flights from Expedia, Kayak, Orbitz, Mobissimo and Skyscanner with one single user query, scanning hundreds of different travel agents and 500 airlines. The aim of the new search engine is to offer a practical solution to the problem which affects current day flight comparison sites, namely the inability of a particular meta search engine to compare every single travel site online.
We search hundreds of major and low cost airlines and multiple travel sites for real-time fares, and then present the results to you in a very simple new page results display. Users typically check travel suppliers to get the lowest price. Our free search and compare service offers the latest - on products ranging from Airline Tickets, Hotels, Vacation Packages, Cruises and Car Rentals, We work with most of the major and low cost domestic and international airlines. And we compare also multiple online travel sites and portals. However we do not book flights or hotels on our site. We work with our partners to supply travelers with the best travel deals to worldwide destinations. We help you decide which flights are right for you, and show you where you can book those flights for the best available price. We are fully owned subsidiary of
Asian Airfares Group LLC - California USA

Monday, September 13, 2010

Over 1m users have used AsianAirfares.com

Airline Travel Meta search engine AsianAirfares.com and it's fully subsidised 550 + partner travel sites has stated that Internet users performed over 1 million searches on its travel comparison sites growing user searches by 25% percent anually.

According to Asian Airfares Group internal statistics, 1 million + travelers have used Asian Airfares Web search sites since its launch.
AsianAirfares.com offers Comparison rates on all searches, airline product information, such as Airline Tickets, Hotels, Car Rentals, Vacation Packages and Cruises.

AsianAirfares.com attributes the growth in site traffic to its ability to satisfy users’ appetite for information on both price and product.

About Asian Airfares Group:
Asian Airfares Group is a Global online travel Meta Search Portal designed to save time and money. Asian Airfares Group global network of 550 + Geo Travel web sites helps over 100,000 + visitors monthly easily locate the best deals offered from the best travel sites for air, car, hotel, and cruise travel. Visitors to AsianAirfares.com can search and compare Securely 24/7 for the best possible deals on Airline Tickets , Hotel Rooms , Vacation Packages , Car Rentals , travel Activities and fun Travel Videos , Travelers can compare from over 500,000 hotels and resorts worldwide through our partners , all leading rental car companies, all major cruise lines and hundreds of traditional and low-budget airlines.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vacation travel packages at rock-bottom prices with HolidayPackage.net

Fixed-price packages don't necessarily represent rock-bottom prices. Dedicated bargain-hunters still might find lower prices by scouring Internet sites for airfare specials and economy-hotel rooms. But business-travel packages could save companies money and deliver convenience and value to travelers that they can't get on discount travel sites. For example, an airplane ticket bought as part of a travel package might be eligible for a seat upgrade, while one bought from an Internet site might not be.
* Companies are revolting against high airfares. Some business travelers are already buying leisure-oriented packages on Web sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, United.com and United.com to save money.
* Pricing packages is getting easier. New Web site technology on HolidayPackage.net and other sites lets travelers instantly compare prices for vacation packages using a variety of flight times and hotels. Consumers also can tailor a package to suit their schedule.
Booking a vacation package online just became easier than ever with the introduction of one-click, real-time availability and pricing on HolidayPackage.net the travel site with the most low fares. HolidayPackage.net offer its consumers customized vacation packages and vacations in one convenient place, in a single search.

HolidayPackage.net customers are now just a click away from current pricing and availability on packages to leading vacation destinations such asLondon, Paris, Bahamas, Acapulco, Cayman Islands and Hawaii. To simplify for consumers, HolidayPackage.net provides the ability to search, customize and book thousands of desirable vacations, drawing from one of the largest inventories of wholesale package travel.